Women protest Instagram’s #curvy ban with creative hashtagging



Forget curvy — curvee is where it’s at.

Savvy Instagram users discovered earlier this week that photos and videos tagged with #curvy are banned from being searched on the social media platform. To protest the ban and reclaim their bodies, female users have started using the hashtag #curvee

While tags such as #curvyfashion and #curvygirl are still permitted, a spokesperson for Instagram told Mashable on Thursday that content under #curvy violates “guidelines around nudity,” and that the block has “nothing to do with the term ‘curvy’ itself.”

But women aren’t taking that answer as a final ruling. Over the last few days, they’ve flooded #curvee with more than 1,000 posts, complete with captions denouncing the ban. As a result, they’ve created a community for curvy women looking to fight back. Read more…

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