The Rise of Whisper: How Cartoons and Tiger Woods Led to a Hit App



“When I was younger I used to get ‘lost’ in Walmart on purpose just so I could hear my name on the intercom”

“I act like I love single life. But in reality, I’d give anything to be the couple everyone stares at.”

“I won $ 50,000 on a scratch ticket. I haven’t told anyone yet”

If the measure of a social network is how much users share about themselves, then Whisper may already rank near the top.

Each month, millions of anonymous Whisper users share short chunks of text on top of images — or “Whispers” — about heartache, school stress, movies, drinking and dreams. Some gush about going on first dates with crushes, others ask whether anyone else is in a loveless relationship. Some posts are fake, some are baiting for attention and some are just attempts to get laid. Many, in fact, appear to be attempts to get laid Read more…

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