Ello Is No Facebook Killer



I’m afraid to say how I feel about Ello.

I’ve been in this position before. A new social media platform arrives, everyone proclaims it the next big thing and better than all that’s come before or currently exists. I look at it and feel a profound sense of meh

It’s not really Ello’s fault. The social network that seems to encourage big images, short thoughts and unthreaded conversation launched over the summer. I don’t recall hearing about it. In fact, Ello was flying way under the radar until September

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook made headlines when it began strict enforcement of a real-names policy. Turns out there are many people for whom a taken name is more than just a nom de plume, but an identity. The LGBT community, in particular, took exception to the new rule as it forced some drag queens and even transgenders to use gender names out of alignment with their own sexual identities. Read more…

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