Web Solutions

We provide Web Solutions for Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Content Optimisation and Web Design.

Web Hosting
Designed for personal to enterprise level websites, Soubix web hosting packages are affordable, and provide a secured and easy way to host your websites. You will access to all the tools you require to develop your website, track visitors, and even build an e-commerce shop.  Soubix Servers are hosted in Singapore and are designed to offer maximum uptime and speed for Windows and Unix.

Domain name registration
A domain is your company's address on the Internet. Through your domain, your clients may learn more about your products or services. Having a domain name instantly puts you on the internet map and helps your clients find you quickly and easily. More importantly, having an Internet domain for your company brand instantly gives you instant recognition and credibility.

Content Optimisation
Writing effectively for search engines is important if you plan to draw traffic to your website.  Clarity is key and the best way to write for search engines is to write for real people.  Search engines are strategically aligned with the goal of providing the best content in their search results, so they are constantly being refined to evaluate content in a way that supports this.

Web Design
A well-designed website allows you to connect to your consumers.  Often, a bad web design with a busy layout, small print and too much text deters your potential customers from accessing your website.  On the other hand, a good well-designed layout – with white space, advanced layout of headers, indentation and figures – provides ease of navigation to your customers.   

Your customers’ experiences matters when it comes to your website design. Their repeat online purchase behaviour is driven by perceived security, privacy, quality of content and design.  Soubix understands this, and will help you develop an appropriate Web Design Strategy to stay ahead of your competitors.  Some elements that we look at include:

Corporate Strategy
• Understand the purpose of your website.
• Keep the design concise, strategic and high-level, so as to increase top-of-line mind recall and repeat sales from your customers.

Corporate Branding
• Implement a side-by-side analysis of your problems and solutions.   
• Once the solution has been identified, it will be used to increase your value proposition to your customers.
• A tag line is also developed to ensure quick consumer recognition and top-of-line brand recall.

Critical Success Factor
• Prepare the standards and roadmaps that are accepted by our team members. 
• Peg measured deliverables to each goal to chart the progress of your business.

Market Segmentation
• Identify your stakeholders to better understand the needs of your prospective customers’ profile for forward planning.  This will enable your Web team to prioritise projects, manage resources and strategise effective marketing tactics.

• Know how you can get more visitors to your website.
• Learn what you can do to stimulate traffic.
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) are effective models that you can leverage based on their usefulness, rate of success and overall quality.