Web Applications Development

Corporate Portal
Your website is going to be a major driving force in the success of your business. In the past, companies did not need an internet presence to succeed. Today, with more and more people around the world utilizing the internet to conduct business, go to school and even work their jobs, you need to be seen there if you want to be seen at all. Any kind of website is better than none but something great is always best.
Those new customers who are lured in by your website will act as new lures in your ever expanding market share. If they are happy with the services or goods you provide, they will tell their friends and family, some of which will also come and give your site a look. We try to reach all of these people and we do a pretty good job too.

Content Management System
In addition to our aggressive advertising in your name, we will make managing the content of your personal website significantly easier than you might think. You can add new features like images, videos, audio and more any time you want and however often you want, as long as you don’t exceed whatever bandwidth limits you might be facing. Because managing your content is easier, you can spend less time performing upkeep on your website.
Once you’ve set everything up the way you like it, if you should ever change your mind, even the layout of your website can be modified without an issue. Rebuild it from the ground up if that suits you or make a number of smaller changes instead; whatever you want to do with your content, we help to make that easier for you here. It’s the least we can do for our customers.

Dashboard and Reporting
When you’re using a website to bring in more revenue for your business, you have charts, graphs and more tables filled with information which you need to consider on a monthly basis. By keeping track of what sells, what doesn’t sell and what customers are really most interested in you can give them more of what they want while saving money by producing less of the stuff which is not as highly demanded.
We simplify all that for you by putting all the information you need to know into a few condensed pages instead of a small novel full of monthly results. You get all the same info you need but it’s a bit condensed, easier to read and understand. That’s great news for people with their first website or those who have little experience running a business – we’re here to help from start to finish.

System Design and Development
Honestly, the way we do things right now is great, but we’re not so set in our ways we don’t realize a great new idea when we see it. System design and development is important to us and if there’s a new, better way to perform the same old operations, you can bet we’ll probably implement it quickly. That means your website is always going to have an up to date look and feel.
If there are any large updates, we’ll let you know beforehand so you can save any of your work and get things ready for when the servers go down. Most of the time you can expect a few smaller bumps in the road as we try to make our updates as seamless as possible. With constant design and development upgrades we keep ourselves and our clients looking good in other people’s eyes.

System Integration
Getting your website and our own into sync and working together can sometimes be difficult. Thankfully we can accomplish this with little assistance from your end. We know plenty about system integration and once you’ve signed up with us, you’ll have all of our resources at your disposal. These are provided through the website you see here and contacting us if an issue does occur is simple. Without fail, we will get your system working.
Once your website is online, you can use our hosting services to make whatever changes you want at whatever time you want to make them. If you’re looking to have a temporary sale for example, it would be very easy to make a few icons and modify your website in a few small ways for a short time. However often you want to change it, you can bet our resources will be available.