Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Some of our Social Media Marketing strategies and techniques include the use of a combination of internet marketing with social media sites to provide an additional channel for touching base with your customers, hence offering ‘free’ exposure for you. 

With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other such social media, information now travels faster around the world. Research indicates that people rely on other people’s experiences and responses to make decisions on the choice of products and services. This rise in the use of social media brings benefits to your business. Make sure  you use it to your advantage.

• Credibility to the Visibility
Using social media as a medium, products and services get better visibility and credibility. Search Engines definitely give you good visibility but connecting your website to social media channels builds credibility. A well-integrated social media approach for your business will enhance the popularity of your brand and allows multiple access of information to be available online.

•  Search enhancement
Today, users just do not restrict their search on Google or other popular search engines. Their search has extended to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Youtube and Flickr search – increasing common social media. People  want to read the humanized aspects of the brand and not the promotional materials. These “social searches” allows users to search other people by defining their qualities, and links shared through Twitter and Facebook have been proven to have a direct impact on search engine rankings of your website.

• Customer Service
In today’s world, people want to contribute to the growth of a product or service. Today, the customer wants to be a part of the developing process and also ensure that their voice is heard regardless of positive or negative. Social Media, for example tweeting, is extensively used for Customer Service to address customer queries and avail them quick feedback. 

• Instant dissemination
  With the rise of social networking sites, your information will reach your customers  within few seconds. Popular brands such as Subway, Coke, Dell, Ford, among others, have used social media to generate awareness in fraction of seconds. The content disseminated via Social Media just does not create awareness, but also makes it conversable and go viral.

• Brand equity
 Creating a brand using social media helps to optimize your marketing spent and enhances your brand equity. If your brand has some goodwill there is every chance that the information will spread like wild fire.  Businesses who have been practising Social Media Marketing have been satisfied with the positive impact on their brand equity.