Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Professional Multilingual SEO Services
As economies evolved and businesses become more globalized in today’s marketplace, our Professional Multilingual SEO Services enables you to reach out to potential customers worldwide in different languages. We have specialization in Baidu SEO, Naver SEO and Yandex SEO.  By leveraging appropriate marketing strategies, you can effectively improve your international search engine rankings by using the correct search engine optimization methods. Translate->Localize->Optimize, that is the way to search engine dominance.

Local SEO Country Search
At Soubix, we help you grow your business rankings in Singapore or your local country with focused searches.  We help you reach out to potential customers who are looking for your products or services, and enable you to capture top-of-line mindshare if you are within their location.

In today’s technology driven environment, millions are turning to the internet to search for products and services, and an estimated 90% of the users will click on the links of the first page of the search results.  Is your site on that first page? 

As CEO or CMO, you are in charge of your online marketing initiatives.  Today, more than ever, a professional and rigorously efficient SEO is important to the success of your business, to propel you beyond the competition and make your brand outstanding online.  It is so important that we are helping our clients understand their market, know where they stand in the results and determine which SEO strategies and techniques will work for them.

Our SEO Services strategies are based on:

1. Business & Web Intelligence
• Competitor’s Analysis
The analysis helps you to understand why your competitors rank well and how you match your ranking with theirs.  Your competitors’ keywords are identified.

2. Keyword & Content Development
• Reach out to your target audience
• Select the right/targeted keywords
• Ensure that your website has meta-tags and sufficient and appropriate content for your target audience
• Ensure good copy-editing
• Develop quality contents

3. Site Architecture Optimization
• Site architecture, on-page code and server performance are the backbone of a site's communication with search engines.  Hence, it is important to ensure that your site’s placement is well-positioned to achieve positive results

4. Web User Interface Design
• Develop search engine friendly sites
• Heat maps analysis
• Get back-links from similar websites

5. Web Page Design
• Limit mistakes in designing websites, for example, usage of images and flash content, title tag mistakes, etc. 

6. Strategic Link Development
• Build relevant  and credible links
• Know your market and understand how potential customers view your market is crucial in finding the best link opportunities

Report Generation
We provide easy-to-understand visual reports to our clients.  This gives them an overview of the progress of their projects and ensures transparency through reporting of KPI of your website’s keywords.

Web Analytics
We are committed to monitoring and analyzing your campaigns regularly.  Your website is SEO optimized with analytics for us to recommend appropriate solutions for your business.  With the use of analytics metrics, figures and data, we are able to identify the keywords that are driving the most traffic to your website, as well as the necessary measures to increase leads and conversions to your website.

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