Medical / Healthcare
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Web Solutions efficiently increase the traffic of users looking for medical services, hospital facilities and medical advancement information to your website.
• Practitioners of aesthetic surgery, a highly competitive field in the medical sector, have seen higher rankings and increased traffic to their websites following the use of these online resources.

• SEO/SEM and Web Solutions are equally effective for automobile websites. 
• The strategically designed SEO brings out the maximum potential of your website by placing your website in the top pages of search engines, and helping expand your online client database.

Property / Real Estate
• The online resources offer an effective marketing platform for new property launches and project developments.
• They provide high rankings for property websites as prospective buyers search listings of properties, new property launches and project developments.
Leisure & Sports / Entertainment
• You have the capabilities to organise different forms of SEO/SEM campaigns for your diverse programmes and events.

• The use of SEO/SEM and Web Solutions enable established law firms to further expand their established brand through strategic online marketing initiatives.
• Our online marketing programmes through SEO / SEM highlight the technological advancement of your business, and bring out the attributes of your products and solutions.

Tourism and Hospitality
• We provide SEO/ SEM and web promotion services including packages and individual tours for your tour and travels website.
• The use of local search and targeted keywords to places of interest enables you to bring potential clients and leads.

• Online branding through SEO and SEM on your latest, as well as efficient and cost-effective modes of manufacturing differentiates you from the competition.