Corporate Governance

Soubix aims to establish a well-defined set of Corporate Governance Guidelines for conducting and following ethical business practices with integrity. It includes compliance with Government-defined rules, regulations, practices and procedures for dealing with business entities such as our suppliers, clients, employees and potential competitors.
Applicable to: All Directors, Managers and Employees of Soubix.

Code of Conduct – Business Code of Conduct

A. Personal Integrity
Confidential information that is unavailable to the public cannot be used by you to give our competitors an edge over us in the industry. You are expected to respect and maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to you by Soubix and its clients both during and after your employment with Soubix. You will be subjected to legal questioning in the event of any suspicious activity at any given point of time. Confidential information may also include personnel information, pricing models, and information regarding our financial and operational systems, works of authorship data, trade secrets, plans and proposals, information regarding our projects, customer lists and related information. If you have any doubts, please feel free to approach either your immediate reporting manager or the senior management at Soubix.

B. Corporate Opportunities
You will act in the best interests of Soubix always and place the company’s business interests ahead of your personal gain or interest. Corporate resources and property, information and position will not be used for any kind of personal profit apart from helping you perform the duties and tasks assigned to you in an objective, efficient and professional manner. You are prohibited from:
     1. Engaging in any illegitimate business interest that clearly presents a conflict of interest when working with Soubix.
     2. Competing with Soubix, your current employer whom you are ethically accountable to.
     3. Proper use and protection of Soubix Resources and Assets
You are obligated to protect Soubix and its clients’ property. The ‘term’ property is not limited to computer systems, equipment and technology but also includes proprietary business information. Resources can be business plans, client lists, supplier lists, any information, scanners and fax machines, phones and copiers, software codes, content and concepts, e–mail and communication systems, IP (Intellectual property), buildings and other physical property.
     4. Improper Payments including gifts
You need to use your discretion and be extremely careful when accepting gifts as an employee of Soubix . The gift must be lawful and its financial value must never exceed the permissible amount. Gifts must be accepted only if rejecting them hurts our clients sentiments and in turn against our business interests.
     5. Bribes
Soubix funds and financial assets will not be used to fund payments, gifts or gratuities of any kind, be it legal or illegal. You will not accept bribes or any other improper payment from representatives, consultants, potential customers, vendors or anyone.

C. Relationships
Equal Opportunity Workplace
At Soubix, we ensure that each and every employee of ours is comfortable and secure. We do not and will not tolerate any kind of discrimination based on religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, disability, race, colour and veteran status. Sexual advances, religious slurs, racial actions and comments or any other form of unprofessional conduct is considered to be highly offensive. Please report any such activity to your manager immediately or consult our senior management.

Personal Information
You will respect the Privacy of Personal Information at all times and will safeguard this information to the best of your ability. Personal information can be collected in compliance with privacy laws to fulfil legitimate business requirements purely for business reasons.

Objective of Soubix Management
The working of Soubix as a functional entity, that includes but is not limited to its affairs and business projects managed, is under the direction of the Senior Management. The highest priority of the Senior Management is to exercise sound and professional business decision only in the best interests of all the investors and stockholders who have a stake in the company. The Managing Director along with the team of senior managers will be both responsible and accountable for the day-to-day functioning of the company and its business operations.